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I've taken narf's files and essentially made a batch file, then converted that to an exe of automating the XP CD building process. So what I mean is the supplied xpmacbuilder.exe will copy all the files from the XP CD, copy the XP Patched files of Narf, and use cdimage.exe to build the ISO using narf's supplied boot file. I haven't tested to see if the actual thing boots on a Mac yet as I don't personally have an Intel Mac, however I thought you may be interested to distro it if it does work as it simplifies matters greatly in regards to building the XP Mac ISO. I have tried booting it in VPC and all was good there, but the real test is on an actual Intel Mac.


Some have had success with this method - go to this thread in the forum for support

If you got Problems downloading the File, use alt+click (aka save)