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This page is to discuss possible changes to the content of the Main Page:
Discussion of the Logo has been moved here: Talk:OnMac Logo

A link to the source should probably be added somewhere.


I would be good and consistent to have the links you have on the forum on the Main Page:

Home | Support | Forum | Wiki | Download | FAQ | How To

I agree, we will get this done. -- Andy M 10:11, 29 March 2006 (CST)

Still not done... Can I help? -- LeMarsu 08:39, 06 April 2006 (GMT)

We are waiting on ignorantcow to come up with a new wiki template that matches the rest of the onmac site designs -- Andy M 13:14, 9 April 2006 (CDT)

ignorantcow came up with a rather nice template in the end Andy M 00:40, 5 August 2006 (GMT)

I have just installed Mac OS X and Windows XP along with a third FAT32 (greater than 32 GB too) partition for sharing files between the two OS's. There is random information around that one can use to do this, but it's very scattered.

NOTE: These first three steps are not necessary if the user's hard drive is only in 1 partition with Mac OS X installed to begin with. However, if they are converting from a previous dual boot setup, these first three are necessary.

1. I backed up my entire Mac drive to an external USB drive using Carbon Copy Cloner (wouldn't be necessary if the user wanted a fresh install of Mac OS X).

2. I made sure that my internal drive was one partition (Mac OS X Extended)

3. I copied back the hard drive from the external USB drive to the internal drive using Carbon Copy Cloner.

Now the fun begins

4. I installed rEFIt on the Mac partition (instructions available on their website)

5. Reboot.

6. Resize the drive using diskutil within the terminal in Mac OS X, type the following

sudo diskutil resizeVolume /dev/disk0s2 40G "MS-DOS FAT32" SHARED 67G "MS-DOS FAT32" WINDOWS 40G

Typing the above command will create three partitions on the internal drive. Type in the administrator password if prompted. The three partitions WILL NOT show up on the desktop yet.

7. Reboot.

8. Set the fourth partition to Active using fdisk. Type each line below into the terminal (minus the words in parentheses)

sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0        (ignore the error)
f 4

9. Insert Windows XP SP2 cd and reboot

10. Install Windows on drive C: (NOTE: if it isn't the last partition then step 8 likely wasn't done properly) format the drive using NTFS quick

11. When the windows installer reboots, select boot Windows from partition 4 in rEFIt. If you get a black screen for 30 seconds, turn your computer off and on and try again.

12. Finish installing windows.

13. Reboot into Mac OS X.

14. Open up the terminal again.

sudo diskutil eraseVolume "MS-DOS FAT32" SHARED /dev/disk0s3

15. Enjoy your accomplishment!

If there are any errors in the above steps, please fix them. However, I know for a fact that the order of steps is correct. Also, if anybody wants to post detailed rEFIt installation instructions, that may help too as the directions on rEFIt's website weren't completely clear (although they weren't too bad). . .