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Installation Issues

For problems with BootCamp after installation, see BootCamp/Problems.

Warning for using BootCamp if the XOM EFI is already installed - Please note that the firmware is unable to be installed if the XOM EFI is currently "bless"ed on your system. You will need to go through the uninstall instruction for onmac's EFI in order to get the firmware to install. Alternatively, just go to System Preferences and reselect your Start-Up disk. Maybe, there is a way to restore the partition table in its original condition ([1]), more tests needed.

Partition warning with BootCamp - The Boot Camp application will not run if you have more than one partition already on your drive. However, after you install the firmware upgrade, your existing Windows partition will now show up directly when you hold down Option, without going through XOM.EFI or REFIt. On a MacBook Pro, it boots cleanly into XP without the debug traps you see with the XOM.EFI loader.

Warning for installing Boot Camp drivers while using xom.efi - The driver installer runs. However, all drivers are installed except for the one for the ATI X1600.

Installation Issues - Installation of Windows XP went smoothly on a Mac Mini Core Duo, it booted into the desktop for the first time. I inserted the driver CD, installation of drivers went smoothly till halfway when I get a dialog box from Windows asking me to select drivers for the Bluetooth. Not knowing what to do, I cancelled that installation, at which point in the taskbar a balloon popped up saying device not installed properly. Restarted Windows after the driver installs. To install the Bluetooth drivers manually, right click My Computer, go to Properties, then to Device Manager. Right click the unknown device, and click update. Choose to manually select drivers, at which point on the next page should be listed the Apple Bluetooth Driver. Select that and driver should be installed successfully.

On an iMac 17", I had some installation issues - Boot Camp refused to repartition because my Volume Header data was corrupt, it told me to run disk utility off the OS X Install disc and that worked. Then on my first installation of XP, halfway through installing the Mac drivers (at the point where it asked me to confirm if I wanted to install the unsigned ATI driver) the keyboard and mouse lost power, and in all subsequent boots to Windows the USB devices didn't respond. I reinstalled XP from the XP install disc and everything has worked fine since - just try a reinstall if this happens to you too.