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The poll results are in - the people voted yes. If you still have concerns, please voice them here:

The Premise

Accelerated drivers are a big concern right now. People are eager to get their games going. I am not a gamer. I do however realize this importance and want to give you what you need. (this project) will offer up $1600 as prize money to be awarded to the winner upon satisfaction of the following criteria:

Contest Rules

  1. Contest will begin March 30, 2006 00:00 central standard time
  2. The pot will be fixed at $1600.
  3. Contest submissions should be posted on the forum in the following thread:
  4. Submissions will be peer reviewed prior to the prize being awarded
  5. Clarifications / corrections to contest rules may occur at any time


  1. The solution should not require any permanent modification of the x1600 firmware/bios. /NivFreak
  2. It should be able to be installed once in a simple installation routine /Sandau
  3. It must support OpenGL /nemo & It must allow the use of DirectX 9.0 at minimum. /Sandau
  4. It must support external monitors via DVI and VGA & video-out /Many
  5. Full hardware acceleration must be supported (Both DirectX and OpenGL)
  6. Any selfwritten code must be released under an GPL-Compatible Free Software License /Lejban
  7. Powermanagement should be supported on MacBookPro /Dezi
  8. After the initial installation, using the driver must be transparent for the user /Supercosinus
  9. The MacBook Pro should score very close to or over 4000 3DMarks in 3DMark 05
  10. It must work on both the iMac and MacBook pro using the x1600 chip


The Acer TravelMate 8204 (2GHz Core Duo, Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB) got 4236 3DMarks here, so how about 4000 3dmarks? /CaptObvious

The solution should not require any modification of the x1600 firmware/bios. /NivFreak

It should run at minimum under Windows XP. It should be able to be installed once in a simple installation routine. It should not have to be installed on each boot of Windows. Once installed, it should also be uninstallable without harming any existing data or requiring a reinstallation of OS X or Windows XP. /Sandau

The driver package that gets closest (or beats) the scores presented by the Acer TravelMate should be the winner. Also DirectX use should fail gracefully if it is not implimented rather then crashing whatever program uses it. /mac_man25

It must allow the use of DirectX 9.0 at minimum. /Sandau

It must be freely distributable and not require registration or payment. /Sandau

Monitor spanning must be working. /Sandau

Game test: Quake 3, Quake 4, F.E.A.R., World of Warcraft. /humajime Counter Strike Source! /Sandau, Battlefield2 /kau

It must support OpenGL for working with CAD Software. /nemo

Might Want to check out EFI 1.10 Driver Writer's Guide Version 0.9 /kuchdawg

The solution must be made opensource - if possible (i.e. any added code must be revealed). /KublaKhan

If these have not been checked by others recently, they might help : [1] [2] Well, just a thought /agape

Non permanment modifications to a BIOS in RAM should be allowed. The only modifications that should be banned are the non-volatile kind that can't be undone by shutting the machine down. /kzt

The solution will need to work on 'all' Intel Macs that use the ATI graphics card. /kainewynd2

The solution should support additional monitors (Mac 30" or other additional external monitor for the iBook and MacBookPro) to the same extent as running under OSX (ie frame rate, ease of use, etc) /BackBayChef

Clear installation instructions must be provided. /Ari

As said twice before me, dual monitor support should be a must. /gygysamurai

I'm not sure if it can be GPL. Maybe there would be some issue with the licences of the video's driver used. A less restrictive requirement (i.e. free available and open source only the new code) could be better /Settolo

Your right. No problem there. Changed (please correct my english above, if nessesary) /Lejban

Would it not be a better idea to have a less strict set of requirements? Do we really want people holding onto their drivers because they can't get dual-monitor or power management working? /JustHalf Maybe we can have, in the rules, both requirements (must) and suggestions (should) /Settolo

What about a deadline? Something like 1 month? /Settolo

I'm going to agree that dual monitor and/or power management should just be secondary objectives, not requirements. I want a working fully accelerated driver, that's most important, the other stuff is just a nice bonus. /Zorn

I'd like it to be totally transparent for users, like in OS X or in Windows.

The deadlines should reference a date, time, and timezone. Note that midnight is the very first moment of the day, not the last, so the rules deadline that mentions Saturday will come just after Friday is over. I doubt that's what was intended. I'll leave it to someone more official to decide on any corrections. /jj1h