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Currently there is one main reason for many of the programs below listed as not working
1. The program doesn't like dual-core processors. Workaround

Newer versions of BootCamp supply working ATi / NVIDIA drivers that allow mostly every game to work in a Windows installation.

Final note: Please if you make edits, keep the list in alphabetical order

Tested Software

Functional Software

Application Working? Notes !
ACDSee 8 Yes Mac Mini Duo
Adobe Illustrator 9, CS and CS2 Yes Both work smoothly.
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional Yes Mac Mini Duo.
Adobe After Effects 6.5 Yes Tested on 20" iMac (had to remove "mskssrv.sys" from Windows/Drivers/ I placed it on my desktop, Id have to remove two files with same name!

According to this site is a: Driver for "Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy."

Adobe Audition 2.0 Yes MacBook Pro
Adobe Photoshop CS / CS2 Yes Both work perfectly.
Adobe Premiere Pro Yes
Adobe Reader Yes Tested on 20" iMac. Almost as fast as Safari/Preview
Adobe SVG Viewer Yes Javascript interaction with Internet Explorer verified
AnyDVD Yes
Apple iDisk Utility for Windows Yes Mounts and maps iDisk correctly. (MBP 2.16)
Apple QuickTime Pro v7.0.4 Yes Plays video well even without proper video drivers (MBP 2.16).
Autodesk 3ds Max v8 Yes Runs extremely well in software mode, renders very fast using Mental Ray
AutoDesk AutoCAD 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 Yes Work well on MBP 1.83.
Autodesk Revit Yes
Autodesk Alias Studio Tools 12 Yes Tested on 17" iMac.
AVG Free Yes Runs perfectly on MacBook Pro 2GHz
AVS Video Tools Yes
Azureus Yes Separate installation of Java is required.
BitTorrent Yes
Canon RemoteCapture Yes with Canon Camera Support Library Version
CloneDVD Yes
CloneDVD2 Yes
Core FTP Lite Yes Runs perfectly on MacBook Pro 2GHz
Cyberlink PowerDVD 6.0 Yes MacMini Duo.
DAEMON Tools 4.0.3 X86 Yes
DC++ Yes 17" iMac
Deep Freeze Enterprize Yes
DVD Decrypter Yes Works fine on iMac 17" with 8x dual layerDVD drive, used both File and IFO modes without issue.
DVDFab Yes
Eclipse 3.x Yes Works great, probably slightly faster than Eclipse 3.1.2 on OS X
EvE online Yes runs fine. Mac mini core duo will not work off an HFS+ partition mounted with macdrive6.1(tested by wobble)
F-Secure Internet Security 2006 Yes Runs very well, updates itself and the virus signatures.
GIMP Yes Runs very well.
Google Earth Yes Runs fine in OpenGL software mode, albeit a little bit choppy (lack of video drivers). DirectX mode crashes the program (no surprise). (17"/20" iMac + Mini)
Google Picasa Yes
Grisoft AVG Free Edition Yes Installed, ran, and updated: all good. iMac 20", Mini
Husqvarna Yes
HTML-Kit Yes Runs perfectly on MacBook Pro 2GHz
iTunes Yes Installed with QuickTime 7.0.4 without problems. Sharing Music worked across wireless and wired connections on a MacBook Pro 2.0Ghz. Tested by .fox (All Intel Macs)
Kaspersky AV Yes
Keyspan USB Serial adapter USA-19HS drivers Yes Install fine, allows older Garmin GPS to work with mapping software (iMac 17")
LimeWire Yes No problems here (MBP+iMacs+Mini)
Lotus Notes 7.01 Yes
Macromedia (Adobe) Dreamweaver 8 Yes Works perfectly, runs well, loads quickly.
Macromedia Flash 8 Yes Works perfectly, runs well, loads quickly.
Mapsource for iQue (City Select North America) Yes Works perfectly on 20" iMac
MathSoft MathCAD 13 Yes Works well on MBP 1.83.
Mathworks Matlab 7 Yes Works well on 17" iMac.
Maxon Cinema 4D 9.502 Yes Works well on MBP 1.83.
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i Yes Works perfectly - 17" iMac (Intel)
MediaFour MacDrive 6.1 Yes Correctly shows the OSX partition and its content, though version unfortunately 6.0.4 does not.
Microsoft MapPoint 2004 Yes Runs perfect with no hitches whatsoever (17" iMac)
Microsoft Office - Access Yes Runs, seemingly normal, only tested basics (MBP 2.0)
Microsoft Office - Access 2003 Yes Runs, seemingly normal, only tested basics (MBP 2.0) - launch time 2 seconds on MacBook Pro
Microsoft Office, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Visio 2003, Visual Studio .Net 2003 Yes Very Quick, faster that in Rosetta modde on OS X
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Yes
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Yes
MotionBased Agent Yes Requires Garmin USB Drivers
Motorola P2K tools Yes
Mozilla Firefox 1.5.01 Yes
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha "Bon Echo" Yes Much faster than 1.5 on either XP/OSX, not crashed once since downloaded (continually used. (20" iMac + MBP)
MPLab IDE 7.31 Yes
MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2005 (All Languages) Yes Works very well (I am an MSDN subscriber)
MSN Messenger 7.5 Yes Turn OFF multiprocessor using the Workaround
Nero 6.6 Yes Works well with the Superdrive on a MBP 2.00.
Nero 7 Yes Works well with the Superdrive on a MBP 2.16 with DMA on.
Netscape 8.1 Yes
Nikon capture 4.x Yes
nLite 1.0 RC7 Yes Works well (MBP 2.0 GHz)
Norton Anti-virus Corporate 10 Yes
Oracle Client 9i Yes runs great. (MBP)
OziExplorer 3.95.4g Yes Works well on iMac 17", successfully talks to Garmin GPS (via Keyspan USB-serial adapter)
Palm Desktop Yes
Palm Desktop for Treo 650 Yes
Palm Desktop for iQue Yes Runs perfectly on 20" iMac
Panda Titanium 2006 AV Yes
PhotoShow Print & Share Yes Runs perfectly on MacBook Pro 2GHz
Pinnacle Studio 10 Yes Program opens and runs, but it is slow at points, but that should be fixed with the video card driver...
PSP Video 9 Yes Encodes fine, talks to PSP via USB cable (iMac 17")
Quickbooks Pro 2003 Yes 2.16GHz MacBook Pro
Quicken 2006 Yes Ran, updated itself, and downloaded transactions with no problem (20" iMac)
ProEngineer 2001 Yes Works, but the screen’s refresh rate bogs down spinning.
ProEngineer Wildfire 2 Yes Works, but the screen’s refresh rate bogs down smart select though really only usable to display models (this was tested on a MBP 2.00).
Promethean ACTIVboard and ACTIVstudio Yes Installed AS2 PE v2.1.23 and ACTIVdriver 3.0.0 from the current CD, connected to board using USB, works great, except there is no video out to the projector, due to video driver issues. However, that's a driver issue, not ACTIV related. Board and software work fine.
Protools 7.0 Yes Installed on a Mac Mini Dual(no video driver). Works Great!! 32tracks + 10 aux*5 dverbs @128 sample buffer and multiprocessor RTAS works. (tested by mishar)
QuickTime 7.0.4 Yes MacBook Pro 2.0Ghz, installed fine, watch new iPod ad, HD seems to crash it, doing more testing. Tested by .fox
RealPlayer Yes Works
RIM BlackBerry Desktop Manager v3.6.3 Yes Runs fast and connects to BlackBerry with no problems so far.
Skype 2.0 Yes Works perfectly including 10 people conference. (MBP)
SlingPlayer Yes Works, though complains about video acceleration. Video is smooth at slow and medium action presets but is little choppy at high action. 20" iMac
SmartFTP 2.0 Yes Works perfectly. (MBP)
Softimage XSI 5.0 Foundation Yes Runs Great on an iMac 20", even without the proper video drivers
Solidworks (2005-2006 EDU edition SP 3.1) Yes Works on Mac Book Pro, Hardware acceleration off, video a little jerky for pan/zoom but good speed generally. Also works on 20" iMac, same somewhat jerky video (but useable.)
Sonic MyDVD Studio Deluxe Yes I was able to burn a TiVo show onto DVD on a MacBook Pro 2GHz. Unable to play DVD in Windows, but plays in OS X and in players.
Sophos Anti-Virus Yes Works on MacBook Pro (XP German version)
SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Yes runs great. (MBP)
Steinberg Cubase SX3 Yes If you optimize Windows for audio, it works awesome. Turn OFF multiprocessor support in VST prefs!
TiVo Desktop 2.2 Yes Runs well on a 20" iMac, even TivoToGo
Toad Yes runs great. (MBP)
Traktor Final Scratch 2 Yes Recognizes Scratch Amp right away, works great and with low latency. (MBP)
Trillian 3.1 Yes Runs Fine. Connects fine through wireless and wired connections. No issues. Tested by .fox
Trend Micro OfficeScan Client Yes Runs Fine. Connects fine through wireless and wired connections. Tested by .MadMacInc
UniGraphics NX3 (big brother to Solid Edge) Yes Works surprisingly well on MBP, even spinning fully shaded models.
UniGraphics NX4 Yes Runs well on a 17" iMac
Verizon iobi Home Yes
Vegas video 6 Yes Mac mini duo
Visual C++ 6 Pro Yes Runs perfectly. (MBP)
Visual Studio 2003 Yes runs great. Installation is really fast, way faster than any thing you have ever sen on a PC. (MBP)
Visual Studio 2005 (All Languages) Yes runs great. Installation is really fast, way faster than any thing you have ever sen on a PC. (MBP) I confirm! It's perfect! installed in 17 mins. All languages work on an iMac Intel 17" (I am an MSDN subscriber)
VMware Workstation v5.0.0 Yes Works perfectly with creating/running images. (MBP 2.16)
VNC Viewer Yes Runs perfectly on MacBook Pro 2GHz
Weatherlink for Vantage Pro Yes Works perfectly on 20" iMac
Windows Defender Yes Runs great.
XMLSpy Yes runs great. (MBP)
Yahoo Widgets Yes Seems to run great. (MBP)

Functional Games

Application Working? Notes !
Age of Empires III Yes Works after running latest patch from Age of Empires III
City of Heroes/City of Villains Yes Runs and looks great. Tested on a 2GHz MacBook Intel Core Duo, which does not support anti-aliasing and gets low framerates in some areas, but I would expect significantly improved performance from a Mac with a better video card. (tested by dghtrofmab)

Runs at default or better settings fairly well (framerates aren't spectacular but are playable, usually in the 15-40 range depending on the environment and around 8 in fighting with heavy graphical effects). Unfortunately, it tends to crash randomly, but ONLY when outside in an environment (never in an indoor mission). I've done some research and this is a problem that seems to be exclusive to the MacBook (it is possible that it could be overheating but I doubt it very much as C&C 3 uses just as much power and never crashes). It does, however, run very well with settings cranked up on one of the shiny new 2.2GHz, GeForce 8600M GT MacBook Pros. Given the fact that WoW runs in OS X, you'd think NCSoft would get with the program and release this game for the Mac.

Civilization IV (Mac Mini Duo) Yes Runs only in Low graphics mode (displays a message after intro movies) - even so, it is playable (tested by nre999)
Dungeon Siege II Yes Runs great! Mac mini core duo (tested by wobble), warns that the cpu might not be fast enough (core solo 1.5 > p4 2.0 GHz however :) so just ignore it)
Dungeons and Dragons online: Stormreach Yes Runs fine mac mini core duo (tested by wobble)
EVE Online Yes Runs fine on Mac mini Core Solo. 40-50fps at 1280x1024 in most cases. (Tested by Lemons)
Elderscrolls 4: Oblivion Yes Works very well
FarCry Yes Runs well on iMac Core Duo w/256 vram (2gb sys mem). With everything on high quality no lag but terrain doesn't look all that great. Water rendering/reflections look really good. (tested by Polomasta)
Guild Wars Yes Runs fine and looks beautiful. Tested on a 2GHz MacBook Intel Core Duo, which does not support anti-aliasing and gets low framerates in some areas, but I would expect significantly improved performance from a Mac with a better video card. (tested by dghtrofmab)
Half-Life Yes Runs fine and dandy on a Mac mini core duo in d3d and OGL(tested by wobble)
Half-Life 2 Yes Runs but has issues with auto save (something with the graphics drivers it seems at, least on the Mac mini) issue can be solved by fully disabling it SV_autosave 0 in the HL2 start-up config and making the auto save files read only. note steam will NOT work properly off a HFS+ partition mounted with macdrive6.1 (tested by wobble)
Lineage II Yes FPS seems greater than 40 FPS. Gameplay is extremely smooth and load-times are very short. There are no noticeable problems. Works great on my 17" MacBook Pro. (s3ct0r3)
Unreal tournament 2004 Yes Runs performance isn’t stellar but is still better than the Universal binary version under OS X (tested by wobble) Mac mini core duo
World of Warcraft Yes Runs very well, significantly better than the OS X version (which is universal) Mac mini core duo (tested by wobble)
Max Payne 2 Yes Runs amazingly great! ON a MacBook Pro 1.83 ghz (tested by R031E5)
Need for Speed Porsche Edition Yes Runs fine mac mini core duo, no sound driver (tested by wallybear per forum posting)
Need for Speed Underground Yes Runs fine mac mini core duo, no sound driver (tested by wallybear per forum posting)
Rome: Total War Yes Runs perfectly on my Mac Mini Single. Can run at about medium graphics settings without slow downs on the 1.5 GHz MM. (tested by Kasumi)
Sims 2 & Expansions Yes Runs great on mac mini core solo with video drivers installed (sound through USB or optical)
SimCity 3000 Yes Runs fine mac mini core solo, some alerts at startup: ignore them; can't test sound as I don't have optical speakers (tested by Bobo)

Non-Functional Software

Application Working? Notes !
Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.0 No Installed and activated, but states the hardware has changed and that it needs to be reactivated every time you run it.
3D Max Studio 5 No Installed, but then froze the system (Requires Open GL (hardware acc. video drivers)).
Game Maker 6.1 ?? Runs Game Maker 6.1 IDE extremely well but created .exe games will not run due to video driver issue (
Media4 MacDrive 5 ?? Does not find any HFS+ volume on any model so far.
Microsoft Activesync 4.1/3.7.1 No / Yes Will install properly and load/detect device fine, but it then froze the system. Microsoft Crash Analysis reccomends a BIOS upgrade (ironically). See here for crash analysis report.
In my system, ActiveSynce 3.7.1 works fine.
(Question: Do any ActiveSync replacement software programs for PPC/Smartphones work alright?)
Nero Burning Rom v6.6 ?? Detects the built-in recorder but didn't try burning any CD/DVD. iMac 20"
Winamp Lite Yes Program works, but no sound output from speakers (headphone outlet works). (FIX: Needs sound card drivers)

Non-Functional Games

This is mostly due to the fact that there is no video driver available for the XOM solution.

Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos No Says that DirectX 5 needs to be installed (had the latest version of DirectX (9.0c)). (FIX: Needs video drivers)
Icy Tower No Loads, but the controls do not work and it currently runs very slowly. (FIX: Needs to be run on a single CPU core)
Need For Speed III No (FIX: Needs to be run on a single CPU core)
Second Life No Refuses to run due to a video card driver issue Tested by .fox (FIX: Needs video drivers)
Civilization IV (MBP) No Quits after putting up splash screen; "Invalid 3D device type". Tried on MacBook Pro. (FIX: Needs video drivers)

Note: Bold denotes "yes", in the tables above.

Requested Software

Below is a list of software that is requested to be tested. Please help out by testing the following software, and placing it in the proper category above.



  • Age Of Empires (All of them plus expansions)
  • Battlefield 2 and expansions - Please run a benchmark on a Core Solo Mini.
  • Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
  • Counter-Strike (Source & Normal) - Including LAN play with as many people as possible
  • Curse of Monkey Island
  • Diablo 1 and 2 and expansions Demo
  • Escape from Monkey Island
  • Falcon 4.0 Allied Force - Frame rates and Graphics Please run the benchmark in high resolution on a Mac Mini to report on the score
  • Final Fantasy XI - Technical Benchmark Please run the benchmark in high resolution on a Mac Mini to report on the score ~ Also, once a driver is found, if possible, test the latest benchmark (currently 3, soon to be 4) on the iMac 20" running at high resolution and report score given. Final Fantasy XI: Vana'Diel Bench 3
  • The Godfather (brand new game)
  • Grand Theft Auto : All
  • GTR2
  • GT Legends
  • Halo
  • Homeworld 2 single player as well as multiplayer over LAN Demo
  • Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
  • Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
  • Lineage 2 - Framerate and Graphics Lineage 2 Official Site Please set all settings to the highest (full detail, etc) and report how framerate is (with fraps or just by eye) and how smooth / laggy it is.
  • Lock On-Modern Air Combat - Frame rates and Graphics Please run the benchmark in high resolution on a Mac Mini to report on the score
  • Madden 2006 (PC)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator '
  • Outlaws
  • Red Alert 1 and/or 2 single player as well as multiplayer over LAN
  • Rome Total War if HL2 is running on a mini, can this one? Demo
  • Secret Weapons Over Normandy
  • The Sims 1 and 2 (and expansions if possible) - Framerate and Graphics Please set the resolution to something resonable (like 1024x768 or higher) and set the highest settings: like high detail, and turn ON smoothing all the way. report how laggy the game is during both build/buy mode and live mode. thx!
  • Sim City 4 and Rush Hour expansion
  • Starcraft (Demo) (and expansion if possible)
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star Wars Empire At War
  • Star Wars Galaxies (plus expantions)
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2
  • Star Wars Republic Commando
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  • Warcraft III : Reign Of Chaos and The Frozen Throne (1.20c version)
  • Wolfenstien Enemy Territory
  • Worms 4 : Mayhem
  • Zoo Tycoon 1 and 2 and expantions
  • ZSNES Emulator also with ability to use a standard gamepad Official Site