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Where to find it

chatrooms: #winxponmac, #winxponmac-dev

IRC Clients


For Mac OS X, it is recommend you run Snak (Universal Binary). Snak is often referred to as the "mac version" of Mirc (a popular windows irc client). However, it's not free. Other Mac clients include Colloquy, X-Chat Aqua and Ircle.

Screenshot of Mac IRC Client Snak


There are many different IRC programs. mIRC is one of the more popular programs, but you have to pay if you use it past the 30-day trial. One alternative, and Open Source, Windows client is X-Chat. The official developers charge for the Windows compiled version, but there is a free compiled version at X-Chat 2 for Windows. For another free alternative, you can try a Java-based cross platform CBIRC. It can be run straight from your browser, so there is no need to install anything. If you use a Mozilla browser (e.g. Firefox), you can use ChatZilla, a free IRC client implemented as an extension. Both Gaim and Trillian also support IRC in addition to being multi-protocol IM clients.

How do I connect?

Exact steps for connecting depend on your client, but generally you need to:

  1. Connect to the IRC server - put for server name or pick Freenode from a list, if available. You may be presented with different advanced options, but default ones usually work.
  2. Join our channel - the chatroom name is #winxponmac - if you do not see anyone in there, check your spelling and try again.

Quick Command Reference

/join #winxponmac - join the channel
/nick my_nick - changes your nickname to my_nick
/msg nickserv register **** - replace **** with your password. This will register your nickname with the server so no one can steal it. .