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Drivers For Apple Bootcamp[edit]

ATI 1600 Driver - Furthermore, the Boot Camp Windows XP drivers include a working ATI X1600 driver! You can install the drivers without using Boot Camp. From Mac OS X, launch a Terminal window and cd to /Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp Type "open DiskImage.dmg" to mount the windows driver image. Copy the files to your Windows partition, reboot into Windows, install using the "Install Macintosh Driver for Windows XP.exe", reboot again, and you'll have working accelerated video and sound.

I installed XP on my MacBook pro 1.83ghz 1gb ram. I tested the ATI video driver using 
3DMark 5 and 6, and I got:
3DMark 5 - 2.536 points 3DMark 6 - 1.123 points
not sure if its a good result or not thought.

I purchased Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion and noticed online that ATI had released a BETA patch to the Catalyst 6.3 drivers that would allow you to enable Anti-Aliasing and High Dynamic Range Lighting at the same time, something that Oblivion does not allow by default. Thier driver is called the "Chuck" driver, and after some hesitation, I decided to be brave (or foolhardy) and install it under my BootCamp Windows XP install and reboot. It worked great. I don't know if anyone else thought that the ATI driver was an Apple edited driver, but with the other BootCamp changes the normal ATI released drivers seem to work. The driver in question can be downloaded from here: ([