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Installing Bootcamp (Fresh)[edit]

This page is dedicated to showing you how to install Bootcamp, this is assuming that you have not installed XOM yet. If you have installed XOM and would like to install Bootcamp got to (Replacing XOM With Boot Camp).

Installing Bootcamp is done in 4 Stages,

STAGE 1, you must update your MacOS to 10.4.6,

STAGE 2, you must update your Firmware (1.1),

STAGE 3, you must download the Bootcamp program (From Apple), and burn a CD containing the neccessary drivers for the system,

STAGE 4, you can install XP, just like a normal computer & install the drivers from the cd.

Each step is described below.

Installing the Mac OS X 10.4.6 update[edit]

This is straightforward. Just use Software Update.

Installing the firmware upgrade[edit]

Download the apropriate firmware for your Intel machine ([1]). Follow the instructions in the firmware upgrader.

Downloading Boot Camp, burning the tools CD[edit]

Download the Boot Camp installer ([2]) , launch /Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp , follow the instructions for burning a drivers CD.

Install XP![edit]

Just put the CD into the loan modification computer, reboot and hold C! Be sure to select the right partition for installation. After installing Windows, insert the CD you made earlier in OSX.