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Bored of those old-fashioned HDD icons in your Intel Mac's computer? Learn how to personalize your bootloader here

Replacing the Mac partition's icon[edit]

1.- Go to your desktop and select the HDD that you want to personalize

If you don't have your partitions showed in the desktop, you can always go to your computer's folder by pressing Shift+Command+C

2.- Right click the icon and select Get Info or press Command+I

3.- Select the new HDD's icon, right click it and select Get Info

4.- In the new icon's Get Info window, click the icon's icon (the one next to its name)

5.- Copy the icon by selecting the Edit>Copy menu or pressing Ctrl+C

6.- Go to the HDD's Get Info window and click the HDD's icon (the one next to its name)

7.- Paste the icon by selecting the Edit>Paste menu or pressing Ctrl+V

Voilá! Your Mac partition has a new icon

Replacing the XP Partition's icon[edit]

If you use a NTFS file system, you will not be able to modify the XP Partition's icon by the "Get Info" procedure. Follow this instructions to see how you can change your XP Partition's icon

1.- Format a USB stick with a FAT file system (you can use any volume really, but it needs to be FAT).

2.- In Mac OS X, set a custom volume icon using the Finder's "More info" window or any tool of your choice.

3.- Open a Terminal window, enter

 cd /Volumes
 ls -la

You'll see a file listed that has the same name as the FAT volume, but with a "._" prepended. For example, "._USBSTICK".

4.-Copy that file to the equivalent name for the Windows XP NTFS partition by typing in the terminal

 cp ._USBSTICK ._WinXP

5.- Transfer the ".VolumeIcon.icns" file created on the FAT file system to the root of the NTFS partition, using Windows.

6.- Open a Command Prompt and Enter in "attrib +H +S .VolumeIcon.icns" from the root of your NTFS partition. This will make the file a Hidden, System file, which hides it from curious passers by and even if you have the show hidden and systems files it will not show up in your NTFS partition.

Congratulations! Now your XP partition has a new icon

Download icons[edit]

Where can you download cool icons? There are several sites that host pristine quality icons, such as:

  • [1]
  • The icon factory [2]