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Computing nirvana. Imagine being able to boot all three mainstream OSes (natively), on one machine. This page should be dedicated to squeezing Linux into the current XOM solution. Please provide your thoughts and experiences so far.

Using BootCamp to Triple Boot[edit]

Please see the instructions in the Triple Boot via BootCamp page.

Using rEFIt to boot Linux[edit]


Yes, it is possible! With the help of rEFIt project and linux patches from the Mactel Linux website, installing Linux (and having a triple boot machine) is more easy than you would expect.

The quickest way to see linux in your system, is to download the multiboot package and follow the instructions there. With this you could have a peek at linux and run it in RAM, without any partitioning, CD burning or USB formatting. Just drag & drop , run the bless command and reboot!

Since you want to triple boot, the boot loader should be rEFIt and NOT XOM. Keep this in mind when the installation instructions say to bless the xom.efi (and don't follow it. Don't worry, rEFIt is smart enough to detect the xom.efi and use it for you.

A quick HOWTO[edit]

This is probably the fastest, safest and easiest way to see a Linux prompt on your Mac. You can't do a lot, only a busybox is present together with a couple of commands like parted, cpio and mkfs, and you can mount any other partition or memory sticks you have, but it is enough to see what is happening. in the same package there is a debian network installation, so if you brave enough, you could go on!

  • Download multiboot.
  • Unzip it. It will create an efi folder.
  • Drag & drop in the root directory (it should be /efi).
  • Open a Terminal, and type /efi/refit/
  • Reboot - choose the penguin and a initrd* entry from the list.

Debian install[edit]

Using the same package you could install the basic netinstall debian. This procedure involves repartitioning (and possible data loss). You might need an internet connection (or have the Debian CDs handy). Detailed instructions can be found in the package.

Slackware install[edit]

If Slackware is your preferred choice, you could have a look at the Mactel-Linux HOWTO, where there are instructions on how to do it.

A thread on our forum for rEFIt is here and here, if you have questions or ideas to throw around.

Useful links[edit]

Installing Linux on intel Mac[edit]

Alternative solutions[edit]

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