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Where we are

At the moment we have the basic functionality under wraps. Windows XP boots, and a few Drivers work. We’re hard at work trying to make your life easier – on the site and with the installation procedure. We’ve gotten Timothy from Ignorantcow to start cleaning up the site design, and we’re evaluating every user solution out there to make the install process easier. The prize has been awarded to the winners, Blanka and Narf and they are still very much involved in the project helping to pass on their knowledge to others. The goal for the source to be released is the 27th March or sooner. Currently the code is being cleaned up so that others can understand it. An hour spent now will save two hours explaining in the message boards.

Where we’re going

The goal of this project is to make it easy enough for a novice user to install a fully accelerated version of Windows. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but luckily we have a great user base of willing and eager people to help. We’ve set up “trac” for our project management and are beginning to open it up to interested parties - everyone will be able to get in by the 27th March or sooner. We’re building a release map to version 1.0 and are looking for your suggestions on features to include.

Help Needed

Most importantly we’re looking for programmers to help with refining the code. Secondly, we can always use help in the forums, wiki and chat room to moderate and help users install. The best way to get into one of these positions is to earn it. If you write and correct articles in wiki, help users and facilitate discussion in the forum, or contribute in the chat room, we’ll see it and upgrade your permissions.

Thanks for all the help and support so far,

Colin & the rest of the OnMac Team.