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Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Patch for multiple processors and power management KB896256 (to be tested) Click Here or Google it

German Version: Google it The second search result from Google will show you a english AND a german version of the file.

I am creating a sourceforge site that should be up soon for the development of drivers, and I am looking for a head developer. please contact me at allmightymonkey[at]sourceforge[dot]net, I think I would be a good manager. More updates on the location of the website will come soon. The website is about drivers, and other items for the Windows on Mactel community.

Driver for the TPM Module:

Ext2 IFS for WinXp

There is a free driver to use Ext2 IFS under WinXP. Not Confirmed. Ext2 Installable File System For Windows:

"It provides Windows NT4.0/2000/XP with full access to Linux Ext2 volumes (read access and write access). This may be useful if you have installed both Windows and Linux as a dual boot environment on your computer."

Doesn't work on my MBP ... MAC-VOL is not "recognised" as EXT2 or 3. Current partitioning : 200 EFI / 20000 XP / 70000 MacOSX

Useful Utilities to Co-exist on a Macintosh Network

Bonjour for Windows (by Apple):

Similar Computers

This Asus laptop is VERY similar to the Macbook Pro Asus Website

This Packard Bell laptop is also VERY similar to the Macbook Pro Packard Bell Website

This AOpen MiniPC looks VERY similar to the Mac mini AOpen Website (But is not the same... It was developed earlier to the new Mac mini)

This Acer laptop may be similar to the Macbook Pro Acer Website FTP for direct drivers access here

How to make Drivers

Here is A link to a Windows Driver Developer kit, its 263 mb