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Below is a list of outstanding and resolved problems and quirks with running Bootcamp.



  • DVI to HDMI works on Mac Mini, but with overscan issues
  • DVI to VGA does not work in Windows for all monitors
  • DVI to S-Video & Composite video not work in Windows.

DVI to VGA Works if you fiddle around with settings. I am currently running on an external monitor 1600x1200 as my primary monitor and then running 1440x900 on my Screen. I can even Pull the video out and have it switch automatically back to the standard onboard screen.


  • Line-in does not work, however, as of Boot Camp 1.1 the built in microphone does work.
  • Plugging in headphones does not turn off built in speakers. This issue was fixed with the BootCamp 1.1 drivers.


Upgrade to BootCamp 1.1


  • Connecting a bluetooth device at startup seems to cause a BSOD.


Turn off your device and turn it on when the start up is finished.


  • Windows XP Fast User Switching ("Windows-L" and logging in to a second user account), causes the keyboard and mouse to lose connection.


  • Unplugging and reconnecting the USB devices is a workaround that works some of the time.

IR/Apple Remote

The Apple Remote and IR receiver do not work. The driver is missing.

Latest Boot Camp has Support for the Apple Remote, Menu launches iTunes, Volume Up/Down does universal (Windows) Volume Up and Down. Play/Pause works in WMP and iTunes, and can be set as a media key in supported applications (such as VLC), along with FFWD and RWD also are assignable as media keys. I'd assume that if the apple drivers didn't steal the remotes volume controls, you could use them as media keys too.

Other Devices

  • Logitech Quickcam Fusion causes BSOD - related to lvckap.sys which is the driver for the camera's built in mic

Below is a list of programs that have worked (or not) on Windows under Mac Bootcamp.



Windows Media Player

If you experience playback of WMV files distorted (psychadelic colors), apply the latest updates to fix.

Google Earth

Earlier versions didn't work (caused BSOD). It works fine now - 12/2006.

Linux & Triple-Boot

Tricky but possible:

Still Not Working

Disk Backup & Partitioning Tools

  • Norton Ghost, Partition Magic, and Drive Image XML are not compatible with the GPT/MBR hybrid disk partitioning

scheme, and although these tools appear to work at first, some operations will result in severe data loss.

Windows Update

KB910437 and KB892130 fail to install.

No Permission to Edit Drive

Unable to move files or alter anything from the mac side to the windows drive.

Fix: Mac OS X can read but not write to NTFS formatted drives. The solution here would be to format the drive with FAT32, which OS X can read and write.


-List which machine

-Problem/ Error

- Fix (If found)